Ariette Love

Living from the Heart - saying YES to Life


Here you will find what's essential in my work and my life.

My Path has all to do with re-finding the Light and Love in ourselves. The Heart plays a core role in that. My choice to learn to live from my Heart again, when I stood with my back against the wall, has caused radical shifts in my life (and others).

Inspired by my own experiences I created this environment, this playground, in which I am able to passionately support others to walk their own Path in accordance with their Heart. I particularly enjoy to investigate this with people who are also dedicated to live according to their True Nature.

I'd like to be of service to you in many ways - and always from my Heart - about which you can read more on this website:

I feel honoured to be of service to you on your LifePath. To support you in remembering your Light and Truth and learn to live from your Heart once more, to remember Union within and embrace your (W)holiness. 

To be whole again it’s essential to accept everything that flows through you; every emotion, thought, feeling, etc.

In other words: Saying YES to Life, to ALL of Life  


quote leave everything in God's hands - Ariette Love quotation

To have the courage to do that is a huge step beyond the known, into the unknown. Saying Yes to Life even includes saying yes to the No's. For it includes all. It means surrendering to Life (God, the Divine, the Universe) itself.

Living in the Heart, saying YES to all of Life is full of lessons in humbleness. Learning to put your - small / ego-self - to the side. Taking layers and masks off. And at the same time it is about acknowledging All that you really REALLY are... Becoming fully naked. Reaching the Core of who you are. 

Just watch where that leads you. A life you couldn't have thought of yourself. A path full of so called miracles. A path in which nothing remains as it was....(the biggest fear of the ego by the way). You'll notice that even your 'past' changes! Ideas, convictions, conditionings....

Now thát's FREEDOM!

This is my Path. 

This is what I'm here for.

I'm a student of Life.

Of Love.

I'm a messenger of Love.

Of Peace.

Being the Love & Light that I am.

As are you.


♡ may you be blessed with Love, Light and Joy, always and all ways ♡

I offer consultations, gatherings and events worldwide; in person, with groups and via skype. Feel free to roam about and find out if there are offerings that resonate with you. Feel with your Heart, the place where Truth resides.


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