Ariette Love

Living from the Heart - saying YES to Life

About Ariette

Love is what we are

Ariette Love is dedicated to live in the Heart and finds Joy in spreading that!

‘Where there’s Love there’s Life’ is the text on a bracelet she often wears. That says it all actually.

Love is what she’s here for.

Ariëtte is a student, a messenger and a teacher of Love. Light. Life. All.

Childhood - StarSeed

Ever since I was still very small, I knew what I wanted to become ‘later’ (but never dared to express it): Wise and Loving.

I have retrieved memories that stem from my actual birth. I’ve always felt different from the rest of the family I grew up in. I 'knew' things. For example, I could sense what other people felt, thought, dealt with. There were no filters. What was very confusing for me though was that people denied that and told me that what I felt was not correct. They urged me to stop feeling so much... I know now that a lot of people don’t want to get in touch with their real inner feelings, but of that I had no clue back then. It often felt like a puppet show to me. It caused a lot of inner confusion, because my reality didn’t fit theirs. It also caused loneliness and a longing for 'home'. I was happiest when I was out in nature (where I was every day - climbing the highest trees, cuddling our animals a.s.o., looking at the stars at night) but most people I didn't feel comfortable with. 

While growing up conditioning kicked in and I started to do my utmost best to not feel so much anymore; it was too much to handle plus I wanted to fit in…

The result was that I ‘got lost’ during many years. I more and more believed my own (at times very destructive) thoughts about myself, about the world. The more I did that the more I got out of alignment, out of contact with Source, with God. This caused a lot of suffering. For both myself and for others. I numbed myself in many ways. I got eating disorders, I got depressed, burn out, I was ill for many many years and so on.

At a certain point I only saw two options left: either to continu like this - which would lead to living more of a ‘dead life’ and maybe even death itself, because life really felt worthless then - or choosing LIFE to the fullest, saying Yes to Life, to all of it.

Although I wasn’t sure if I could ‘make’ it, I could only follow this loud Call from inside of me. The Call of my Heart to wake up to my Truth.

I felt devoted to rediscovering and embracing the Light within.

Wake Up call

One of the many wake-up-calls - a.k.a. gifts of life - was the birth of my oldest daughter.

I'd been on the ‘Searching Path Back to Love’ on and off (!) for some years already when my oldest child came into this world - she was born prematurely after a very difficult pregnancy and both me and my daughter nearly died during the birth process (due to placental abruption).

My life literally turned upside down.

The problems this child had, her intense needs, catapulted me into many life changing experiences. In many ways she has been - and can still be - a catalyst for my growth.

Again and again I had to decide whether to believe what society had told me, what I had grown up with ór to let go of those conditionings and see what Life really asked for here. I intuitively knew this child offered me many gifts with her very challenging behaviour. I felt what was asked of me was to become a ‘better’ person so I could best provide what this soul yearned for.

Which was Love.

But in myself that True Unconditional Love was hidden far far away by then, beneath many veils, so I had to dig deep, deep, deep.

So much of what I had neglected during my life or hidden away came to the surface. Into the Light. And more still after the birth of my second daughter (both born 6 weeks early by the way).

After I became a single mum when my youngest was almost 2 years, it was all literally in my face: Here! Look! This is how you’ve dealt with things, this is how you've been taught to act, but you have to find a new way, for yourself and for these high sensitive souls, one that resonates with who YOU really are.

Whatever hardships, eventually I always came back to remembering the underlying message, which was: learn from it, benefit from it, take off your masks and look underneath, go within.

And so I did. Again and again and again……an ongoing process really.

Knowing God

What encouraged me to learn to live in the Heart was the remembrance of an experience I had early in life. When I was young we went to church (Roman Catholic) every Sunday. I loved the stories about Jesus and was a big fan so to speak. He was one of my examples in life: Thát was how I wanted to become too. He felt very familiar to me. `I ‘knew’ his way of living. I ‘remembered’ on a deep level…

During one of the masses we attended - I was about 7 years old - I devotedly listened to the priest during his sermon. He spoke of the church, the house of God, the only place where we could be with God because that was where He lived.

Then something profound happened:

I ‘saw’ a bright light and I 'heard' something inside me, an inner knowing, which ‘told’ me:

This is not the Truth, God is everywhere, God is in the Heart.

I felt so light at that moment and I knéw that was the Truth.

I didn't dare to tell anyone though, afraid of being accused of arrogancy or...being misunderstood again. It felt too precious to expose it to people who might not know this... So I kept it as a big secret.

I started to feel guilty for having had these 'thoughts'. I not only rejected church for many years; I also rejected God.

Only when I was - literally - sick of the suffering I caused myself, after years of wandering through life, I was ready to open up to Truth again and to remember what I'd known for so many years already:

Truth and Love can only be found in the Heart.

The Heart knows

Whatever Life gives you

It’s always given from Love

Life = Love

Love = Life

Everyone I have met in life, whatever role they played – so called bad and so called good - has been my teacher and I feel tremendous Gratitude for them playing this role. They have All been Essential for me.

All experiences, challenges, all mistakes (of myself, of others), several dark nights of the soul, it all brought me to the insight that….I had to become like that little girl again, that believed in Truth, that was so Innocent and Pure. Full of marvel. That little that simply had the inner knowing what life was about. That was so Wise already actually.

To be like a child is the key to Joy

♡ ℒℴνℯ ♡


Education - Training - Work

Education and Training

Since I left high school I have undertaken numerous courses and studies, too many to all name here. A continous personal and professional development is, in my opinion, essential for living from the Heart and to be in integrity; ‘walking-the-talk’. What Life has offered me, including studies and tools, are integrated in how work, whatever I offer or facilitate; whether one-on-one or in groups, online or in person. My work is eclectic and holistic. I work intuitively, being guided by Spirit in the moment.

I offer sessions both in person (either in my practice or during journeys on request), through Skype and for groups. These can take the form of (multi-dimensional) Healing sessions, (Ascension) Coaching, Spiritual Guidance & Mentoring, Crystal Chakra Activation, Workshops, (Multi-Dimensional) Meditations, Activations, Initiations, Retreats, (global remote) Light Transmissions and Sacred Journeys.

My ongoing learning process includes Reconnective Healing Practitioner and the Reconnection (levels 1-2-3), Quantum Entrainment, Reiki (levels I+II+III), Professional Kinesiologist,  Touch for Health Practitioner, Alchemical & Shamanic Practitioner, Bio-tensor Practitioner, Holistic Health (nutrition, aromatic/essential oils, crystals, a.s.o.), Meditation, Intuitive and Spiritual development Teacher, a Course in Miracles and more. I also have a degree in Social Work (bc.) and in Coaching & Counselling (HBO+).

Life itSelf has proved my biggest teacher.


Ariette Love is based in the Netherlands and raises two teenagers together with her husband.

She is available for group gatherings, intensives, and retreats globally by invitation. Ariëtte travels where she’s called to go, to be of service to Love, to Life.

If you would like to host her in your area, please email