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Meeting in the Heart (creating Miracles)...

Meeting in the Heart (creating Miracles)….

When I went to Egypt with a group for a journey called ‘Spiritual Journey ~ Into the Heart of Peace ♡ Egypt’, many miracles simply occured, day in day out. It truly was a 5D-reality-Journey.

It started already before the actual travelling started. And accelerated during our actual pilgrimage through Egypt. It taught me so much of our ‘own’ capabilities, our own power, our thoughts, convictions, conditionings. It showed me how Miracles take place when we simply come from and meet in the Heart…

People sometimes wonder what their goal in life is…it can’t be this ‘small’. They might see a so called hero on tv and wish they could perform miracles like her or him. Do great (big) deeds. Thén they would really make a distinction, have a true purpose for the world and for humanity…

I have had the pleasure to witness how even a seemingly small gesture towards one other human being can make a big difference for many people.

Most of our group met at Cairo airport. There we were to make the transfer to Luxor that same night. At the airport we had to get our visa and then pass an inspector before going to the gate for our next flight.

I was standing right behind a very young man (18 – 20-ish?). When it was his turn to have his visa controlled the inspector suddenly freaked out. He started to yell at the young man, he cursed, called him names and was clearly very very mad. He kept yelling for minutes.

Apparently the young man – who travelled by himself – had been directed towards the wrong office because he had to make an international transfer, unlike we whose next flight would be within Egypt’s borders.

My very first thought was a condemning one, having a judgement about this particular inspector and feeling sorry for the young man and so on. And I noticed how everyone in line seemed to be affected in the same way by the sudden change in atmosphere, by the aggression this inspector projected. The response in the crowd (it was a very long line) was actually one of aggression too and or of fear: Condemning this man, feeling maybe superior because ‘we would never act this way’, being afraid  he would treat others in line the same way, and so on. I noticed all of this ‘passing by in myself’ too. And I was very aware of my bodily response to these kind of thoughts; noticing contraction in my body and my heart. This all happened within seconds.

Then I realized this inspector could only act this way because he was not in his Heart. He couldn’t meet himself there and thus couldn’t meet this young man - who had unintentionally made a (minor) mistake - in the Heart (and e.g. explain patiently where he should have gone to). If I would condemn that I would come from the same place; not from my Heart. Thus not only judging him but also sort of punishing myself, because my body so clearly showed me where contraction led to.

I realized this man believed his own thoughts and didn’t question them. But maybe he had a very ill child at home and he was worried to death, maybe his partner had left him, maybe he had severe back pain, maybe he had to work overtime or whatever. And he believed that ‘reality’. The same way I could have believed the thoughts that had come up in my mind at first.

I didn’t feel the need to change his ‘reality’. All that came up in me was that I wanted to meet him from my Heart, because he clearly wasn’t there and that separation must have felt very lonely.

Having these thoughts filled me with immense gratitude. I didn’t do anything to invoke this feeling; it simply  showed up as soon as I was fully back into my Heart space. I saw this man with eyes of Love and could only meet him from there.

When it was my turn to show my visa I looked him in the eye and smiled at him. It was a genuine smile. Again, I didn’t have to do or force anything for that, it just happened because I saw him not from my mind, but with Heart.

Our eyes met. For a second he still seemed to try to hold on to his aggressive mood, but it didn’t take long. Especially when I showed my true appreciation for him by saying ‘Thank you so much’ and wishing him a beautiful rest of the evening something shifted. His whole bodily expression changed in a split of a second; it might have been my imagination, but it seemed to come from his Heart… as if his Heart had been touched and ‘something’ rippled out from there. Literally. From his Heart the shifted energy entered his face. The colour of his skin changed. A sparkle of light arose in his eyes.

And he smiled back at me.

It was a genuine smile. Full of gratitude.

What happened next was an even more rippling out from his Heart-energy… this also happened in an instant but was very palpable too: The atmosphere in the whole line, in the whole room changed. There seemed to be a big sigh of relief and people started to laugh again.

Just like that…

I so know since that evening how huge an impact a seemingly small gesture can have. It’s not about the gesture itself you see. It’s about where it comes from.

Does it come from Love? Then we can really touch another being.

Or do we act from Fear?

Do we believe our thought and act accordingly?
Or do we question ourselves (our thoughts, our behavior, our convictions), look into the mirror that Life holds for us and whenever we have left our Heart accept the invitation to return there…?

It was a perfect start for this particular journey ‘Into the Heart of Peace’…

Peace can only BE when we meet in the Heart.

First ourSelves. Then meeting others there is a natural consequence.

Miracles do happen when we’re in that Space.

Is it an impossible and far-away miracle that our World can be at Peace?

In my humble opinion it most certainly is not. I will always be a believer in and even a devotee of Miracles. I know we are here to remember what we are really capable of. I know we all come from Love and that our mission is to embody that here on this beautiful planet; restoring Peace on Earth as One.

Anything can change in an instant...

So shall we?

With Love & a smile of Gratitude, Ariëtte

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