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ONE-on-ONE: Individual sessions in person and online (Skype / Zoom). For more info scroll down or contact me.

GROUPS: Events outside of the Netherlands usually take the form of journeys, workshops or retreats. Information about any of these will be published here and on Facebook.

INVITATIONS: Ariette is available for group gatherings, events, workshops, retreats and journeys worldwide by invitation. If you would like to host her in your area (whether in Europe or elsewhere) please email

FREE offerings you can find on my YouTube-channel (to stay updates and never miss an upload, you can 

Services specified:

(contact Ariëtte for more information if you can not find it on this website)

Crystal Chakra Activation

Healing with the Crystalline Spheres (7 sessions)

Remote Cosmic Axiatonal Attunement

DNA Reprogramming & Chakra Readings

Workshops - Retreats - Journeys

Coaching & Mentoring (online, in person), e.g.:

    Ascension Coaching

    Spiritual Guidance & Mentoring

Healing (remote, in person, transmissions)

    Multi-Dimensional Healing

    Divine Ray Healing Facilitation 

    Ankh Womb Clearing and Healing 

    Golden ANKH Healing

    Quantum Healing

    Reconnective Healing

    Healing with Angels

Meditation classes and courses

ONLINE courses (coming soon in 2017! - contact Ariette for more info)

Other Sessions (as taught by Anrita Melchizedek):

    Forgiveness and Divine Love

    Healing Chambers of Light

    Light Dimensions Attunements

    Implants and Entity Clearing

    Soul Retrieval

    Healing the Wounds of the Divine Masculine & Feminine Archetype

    Twin Flame Re-Union

    Accessing the Akashic Records and Past Lives

    Embrace of the Ego/Inner Child

    Cellular Clearing & Aligning into the Original Divine Eight Cell Blueprint

    Christ Consciousness Soul Purpose Activation

    Crystalline Sun DNA Templates Activation

GLOBAL LIGHTservices - in service to the Divine and HU-manity