Ariette Love

Living from the Heart - saying YES to Life

Coaching and Mentoring

One-on-One sessions - in Person and Online (Skype, Facetime, telephone).

These are hightly transformative times for the planet and humanity. We are going though major shifts to uplift beloved Earth and beyond in this New Golden Age. It can feel as too much to bear at times. All we encounter on this path can bring with it confusion and fears, it can bring old hurts to the surface, or a not knowing how to BE with it all. As the saying goes: "This is not a path for the faint of heart." What is asked of us is to come back into our Heart again and again, whenever we (think we) loose track. To learn to open our Hearts, keep them open - even if this feels more vulnarable than you have ever felt - and to live from the Heart, where all Truth resides. To remember. To embody the Light and the Love that we are. 

It is my role to be in service to the ones who are also dedicated to step into the truth of who they are, to release their shame, to release their inner judgement, to release anything that blinds them to the truth of their perfection and their innocence. I'm dedicated to support you in getting more clarity on how to deal with all that comes up in these Ascension times. 

People have often reported they feel really SEEN by me. That's a real comfort for the soul. It's what we all ache for. All I went through in life, all (painful) mirrors I had to look in, all lessons I have learned, has enabled me to guide people lovingly and compassionately on their path, while they’re going through challenges or hardships; choosing other directions.

  • Ascension Coaching & Counselling.
  • Spiritual Guidance & Mentoring.

To book for a session, send an email and transfer the payment to either her bankaccount or use PayPal. Once the payment is received we can schedule a session (check the exchanges at the bottom of this page).

Click here to convert your time zone to CET/Netherlands/Amsterdam, where I reside (please always check where I am at the moment of our session - if I am working from abroad I’ll give you the time zone concerned at that moment)

Ascension Coaching (60-90 mins.)

Meetings like these as true co-creations in which both our Souls find growth and a deepening into the Love that we are. I work with you intuitively, while connecting in the Heart, guided by Spirit; using voice, sound, light language, chanting, transmitting (light- and star-) codes and high vibrational frequencies, working with guided meditations or in Silence; 'doing' whatever comes up in these Moments that we meet Heart-to-Heart. 

Ascension Coaching & Councelling happens one-on-one, through Skype or in person.

art: Joma Sipe

Spiritual Guidance & Mentoring

Sometimes you feel you got stuck. Frustration or even desparation may arise. This can be due to a so called Dark-Night-of-the-Soul. 

It can be of real support to have someone to talk to then. Someone who really listens, with an open Heart. Someone who looks into your Heart, helping you to come back into that place, where you are simply YOU.

We are here to learn from each other. We are students, we are teachers, we are messengers, all helping each other to go 'forward' on this Path back to Oneness. Remember that it takes courage to acknowledge how vulnarable you can feel at times. It is not weakness to ask for support, it can be an act of true strength to acknowledge that. I do so myself very regularly, because 'little me', 'human-me', can't know and oversee everything, I have my blind spots, ego-parts, and it feels very healthy to have a mentor then who looks with me at whatever arises and where it comes from. 

I'm a student of Life.

Of Love.

I'm a messenger of Love.

Of Peace.

We all are


This is what my Spiritual Guidance & Mentoring is about. Again I work intuitively, using tools that feel necessary. In Divine Co-Creation with you and connecting on Heart & Soul level.