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Crystal Chakra Activation

It is an honour and a joy to offer this activation. I received the teacher level as one of the first in the beginning of 2015 and have faciltated these activations since.

The Crystal Chakra Activation is a very powerful tool, firstly received by Sitara Akele Lightbringer. The activation supports your body and lightbody in the upgrading for the higher frequencies that are floading our planet and beyond in this crystallisation process we are going through. If you feel ready for a next step, for a significant accelaration in your process, this might be of great support in your evolution. 

It’s a full twelve body process for alignment, integration and energy upgrade through the holographic hexagonal white and gold configuration. 

The 2 sessions  - with 7 days in between at least - help the body to remove old energies that don’t serve your system any more and that don’t fit the new vibrations. The energies making up these come from a vast collaboration: The Angelic Host, Andromedans, Arcturians, Azez, Elohim, Golden Order, Neteru, Orions, Pleiadians and Sirians.

Session one:

Full twelve body alignment, integration and energy upgrade, through the holographic hexagonal white and gold configuration. Removal of lower energies that no longer fit the vibrations your integrated self holds. The feeling a lot of people get when the carbon cones (3D chakras) are removed is relief and a feeling of soft gentle energy, which is our true selves energies shining through. The old carbon conical chakras can be released as the new crystal chakras are being installed and activated. This will support your evolution in many ways. With the new codes moving in for the crystalline you can sense you start to feel lighter in energy and vibration. The first session will take 1-2 hours.

Session two: 

In session two - at least 7 days after session one - the new overlay or energy constructs are added for your conduit to function at the new level. This then moves to reflect within the auric fields. After the core is secured the overlay then is free to move in any direction needed for the deeper cleansing in the individuals area. Energy exchange between Source and Gaia will be increased amazingly at this time, to allow for the releases necessary for yourself and for the whole.

After this whole process has been finished and as we move around in our lives we are able to take this new expanded ‘energy-field’ with us to new areas, raising vibrations wherever we be on a new level from before.

The sessions usually takes place through Skype (also, if you are near, in person of course). The second session will take 1-1,5 hours.


Healing with the Crystalline Spheres

This is a rather NEW series, recently received by Ariette to pass on. It consists of 7 sessions. Each one focusses on a different wavelength and supports you in a very powerful way to align more with the newest frequencies.

During the sessions healing ánd empowerment takes place on various multidimensional levels. The way it works through you is unique for every individual, depending on what is ready to be opened up.

During the sessions we will be working with specific Ascended Masters and Star Beings and other etheric beings of pure Love and Light. In all sessions the energy of the Avatars Ra’Sha A’tan & Ri’Sha Titan will be present.

A session takes around 1 hour. You can combine 2 sessions (2 hours).

1 - Crystalline Sphere of Violet Light

    Saint Germain and Lady Portia

2 - Crystalline Sphere of Emerald Light

    Seshat and Thoth

3 - Crystalline Sphere of Lemurian Light

    Makaya and Deyon

4 -  Crystalline Sphere of Golden Light

    Aligning you to the Golden Light Grid and frequencies

5 - Crystalline Sphere of Diamond Light

    Aligning you to the Diamond Light Grid and frequencies

6 - Crystalline Sphere of Platinum Light

    Aligning you to the Platinum Light Grid and frequencies

7 - Crystalline Sphere of Unity Consciousness (Rainbow Bridge of Light)

    Aligning you to the Unity Consciousness Grid

Healing with the Crystalline Spheres

7 sessions of Healing with the Crystalline Spheres to help you align to the new frequencies.


This Remote Cosmic Axiatonal Attunement is a fine tuning process in which the connection we once(*) had with All gets re-established. It re-ignites our connectedness with the Cosmos. It unblocks and re-awakens DNA-codes that are vital for manifesting our full potential on Earth.

In our bodies we have a network of meridian Axiatonal lines. Unlike the meridian system we have all heard of, the Axiatonal sytem though doesn’t end where the body ends. It is as limitless as the Cosmos.

During the process of Cosmic Axiatonal Attunement certain specific points and lines of the human body are being reactivated through very high frequency Light.

Once re-attuned, the axiatonal networks of our physical bodies, of Mother Earth (leylines and grids) ánd of the Cosmoc are again linked to communicate with each other. Our whole ‘system’ is simply more in tune with the high vibrational reality of New Earth and of the Cosmos. In other words our (body) vehicle has a stronger connection with the Whole. We then have access to more Light & Information than we had before. This brings back flow in our whole system, it enhances our inner-knowing and accelarates our development. 

This attunement consists of only 2 sessions. Then the attunement is a permanent one.

(*)Once, in Lemurian times and before the fall of Atlantis we were in tune with all networks; our physical meridian system and our axiatonal system were in sync with the network of the earth ánd with that of the cosmos. Because of this connectedness with All we flourished on all levels. Our intuition was very enhanced. We were connected with the Cosmos. We lived in Joy and Love, as One.

However, due to the fall into a state of separation we got dis-connected.

This Remote Cosmic Axiatonal Attunemnt is a means to recover this and supports us in lifting the veils of illusion and separation. As a result our whole being functions on a higher level. We can contain and radiate more Light than before, matching New Earth reality. This process enables more of our True selves to flow through us freely to be expressed. So we remember how to be of Service to Life the way we are meant to.


This attunement is to be received twice on separate - usually consecutive - days. Put off your cellphone and make sure you have this time all for yourself, to receive the activation in silence (approx. 1 hour).

All you need to do, when we connect through Skype on the agreed time is to make yourself comfortable. Simply lie on your back, with your arms next to you (palms of hands preferably upwards). Make sure you are warm enough (extra socks and blankets at hand).

You might see/sense/hear things during the session (colours, beings, voices, geometry, sounds), you can feel tired, notice changes in body temperature and much more. Or nothing at all. All is good. Trust the process and surrender.


Do take time to integrate the adjustments. There may be a temporary physical reactions. Your body, your system, simply needs time and attention. Listen to it; what does it need. If that is rest, give the body rest. If it is water, take that. If you crave for different food than before, do so.

Energy Exchange for each session (of each about 1 hour):

NOW only €111 (£88).

(N.B.: you need ONLY 2 sessions – then this re-alignment is re-established and permanent).