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My first experience with healing was when I was 5 years of age. I had a severe accident then. As a result I got second- and even third-degree burns on my chest and upper part of my belly. What my father next did was quite an ‘out-of-the-box-act’ of him at that time, in the area where we lived: Instead of bringing me to the doctor instantly, he first drove to a healer. This man literally dimished the pain. I was impressed and wished I could do that too… I also remember how familiar healing like that felt to me. (I guess all StarSeeds simply Know...)...

Multi-Dimensional Healings

Healings can be facilitated one-on-one, in person, and also remotely, since healing or light work is not restricted by physical distance. During healing sessions, as with all services, we're enabled to work across dimensions and timelines. What Life has offered me, including studies and tools, are integrated in what I offer. My work is eclectic and holistic (to see some of what I've been educating in, please check Education-Training in About). Working intuitively, I am being guided by Spirit in the moment. These particular multi-dimensional healing sessions may involve talking, light language, sound otherwise, meditating, downloading (light/star) codes, transmitting and integrating very high cosmic frequencies, activations and sometimes initiations, but may also occur in pure Silence or Presence.

All you have to do is show up and be present - you may lie down (make sure you stay warm).

Sessions are available wherever you are on our beloved planet. To make an appointment simply send me an email. Contact info below. You're kindly requested to transfer the exchange upfront.

(check testimonials to read just a few of the experiences people have reported).


Also below you can read some testimonials

Crystal Chakra Activation Initiation


I was in the hand of God during my session [Crystal Chakra Activation] with Ariëtte Love.

Thanks so much Ariëtte for your being and existence on the Earth. 

Love and sounds, 

~ Oscar Cortes ~

healing session Ariette Love LoeffenTestimonial

I knew it would be powerful, even  before I did the session, because I feel how powerful you are. 

The session was different from any other session I did. I felt it in each cell of my body. 

You were there very softly, gently, like an energy of The Mother. 

~ Hanadi ~

healing session gazing drushtiTestimonial

What I feel you've done for me is moved all the energy that was stuck inside of me and that I was unwilling to let go off. 

You helped me see where I needed to release and you helped me to release and for that I am forever grateful to you.

~ KC ~

multidimensional healing sessionTestimonial

It feels like she embodies and emanates the frequency of pure Love and Crystalline Light

~ Danka ~

Multidimensional powerful Healing sessionTestimonial

Everybody that I've talked to who has received healing from you has experienced the same exact thing; they said you were amazing.

Even people that didn't believe in energetic healing, who were completely closed off to it have opened up to it because of the way that you approach them and the barriers that you break down for them that they could not do by themselves.

~ Kariee ~ 

Powerful Healing TransformationTestimonial

I told you I didn't believe in healers but I have to take that back.

I had two sessions with you. I both cases I felt quite a strong transformation. I felt like I was much more open after the sessions; happy, lighter, giggly.

Thank you. You are very gifted and I strongly recommend you as a healer.

~ Maha Baligh ~

Eye gazing healingTestimonial

When I first met you Ariëtte, the healing began right away, with the first look that you gave me. There is something about your eyes, something about the connection that you make with people that breaks down barriers as soon as somebody looks into your eyes. I believe you use a technique that in Sanskrit is called Drushtri. It's a healing technique where a person just stares at you and breaks down all the barriers that you have and goes directly to your soul to clear and cleanse your soul to be seen. 

I felt seen, I felt safe. 

I felt like you helped me with all that pain that I had that was bottled up inside that I could not get to by myself. 

You are am amazing healer. 

My experience with you was out of this world.