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EGYPT Spiritual Journey 'Ignite the Light'

10 DAYS in Upper Egypt

Raising Vibration in Sacred Co-Creation


(optional EXTENSION to 14 days (✫)

Pyramids + Wadi al Hitan)

Facilitator: Ariëtte Love

Do you feel the Call….The Call of Khem?...

Experiencing the Energies of Ancient Khem

Receiving Sirian / Light Codes

Re-Awakening Dormant DNA


This Spiritual Journey to Egypt ‘Ignite the Light’ is open to those who also feel a Strong Calling. The Calling to Connect to the Sacredness of this land, to our Divine Ancestors.

This Journey focuses on opening our Hearts more than before, igniting the Divine Love-Light in ourselves and, as a result, in others, for we can then radiate it out.

The region where this 10 day al-Khem-ic-all (*) journey leads us through is Upper Egypt.

A lot of the Sacred Sites and temples we will visit are dedicated to Horus or Hathor.

The relationship of these Ancient Gods can’t be easily understood when seen through ‘3D eyes’, since it differs so much from what we are familiar with these days.

(Until the journey takes off I will share several posts on their relationship, so you can develop your own understanding and maybe a clearer view on their connection).

One of the connections between Hathor and Horus is their Sacred Marriage. During this Spiritual Journey you can cultivate - experience your own inner Sacred Marriage of the Divine Feminine with the Divine Masculine. Balancing these so called polarities within ourselves. For when we are in Balance, then Peace is within.

As above, so  below, as within so without:

If we are all at Peace with ourselves,

Peace will be what we will experience anywhere.

We’ll Ignite the Love-Light in order to restore this Peace within.

The Journey will start in Luxor

We will stay in Luxor in a beautiful fairy-tale like hotel, which also has a swimming pool. Here we will spend our first 4 nights.

Luxor: we will visit several Sacred Sites in and around Luxor, such as the Luxor Temple, Dendera with the Hathor Temple (the cult center of Goddess Hathor). Abydos (Temple of Seti I) with it’s many beautiful ‘murals’ and hieroglyphs and it’s ancient Flower of Life in the Oseirion. Karnak (the Karnak Temple Complex) with it’s many temples, chapels, pylons and other buildings, with a.o. worshipping of Amun-Ra and Sekhmet (the second largest ancient site in the world!!!!!). Probably we’ll also visit Deir el Medina (which is near where Aknaton has been raised) with it’s Isis and Hathor temple (I will confirm once I know for sure in the final program).

From Luxor we’ll drive south on the 5th day towards Aswan. Here is the 2nd part of our Spiritual Journey through Egypt. We’ll visit Edfu (temple of Horus) and Kom Ombo (connected to Horus and it has a chapel for Hathor).

In Aswan we’ll stay in a simple though heart warming Nubian guesthouse near the Nile. From there you can walk straight into the desert. While in this area we’ll visit the Isis temple on Philae. We might go to Elephantine Island, to the Ruins of Abu (but not set in stone yet). We’ll also visit the famous Abu Simbel in the very south of Egypt (Hathor).

Throughout our stay in Egypt we will have several ceremonies, (multi-dimensional) meditations, gatherings, activations / initiations and exercises; where possible and allowed on the sacred spots we visit. 

Be aware that this journey will not focus on the touristic side of Egypt but mainly on our own ‘evolution’ or ‘LOVE-ution’. This means we also make time for our ‘processes and dynamics’.

10 days €1444 (email me for the Early Bird discount AND for the ‘bring your Khemetic Friends discount’)

Places we'll visit: Luxor, Karnak, Dendera, Abydos, Edfu, Kom Ombo, Aswan, Abu Simbel.


Group transfer from the airport on Feb. 2nd (Luxor)  and to the airport on Feb. 11th (Aswan).

ALL accomodation mentioned in final program from Feb. 2nd to Feb. 11th.

Breakfasts (let me know if you have diet requests!!).

Water during our days out.

Transports to Sacred Sites as mentioned in the final program (★).

Entrance fees to Sacred Sites as mentioned in the final program.

English speaking official Egyptiologist (Hassan); a very sweet, funny and spiritual Sufi who knows what Living from the Heart is.


Flight tickets to Egypt (arrival on 2nd of Feb. in Luxor, departure on 11th of Feb. from Aswan – unless you choose the optional extension (✫)).


Insurances (travel-, health-, cancellation- e.g.)

Lunches and dinners

Bakshees (€75-€100 to be handed over cash to Ariette – what’s left will be divided amongst the participants)


If you bring a friend who also feels the Call to experience the Khemetic energies you get a discount of €50!!


(*)  A word I read somewhere recently and describes perfectly what happens during our spiritual journeys – alchemical inner processes take place which can lead to powerful transformations. These transformations can have an effect on All. On all levels in yourself, on others you encounter, on All in the sense of The Whole… This time this kind of alchemy will take place in Khem (which is how Egypt was called in Ancient times) and therefor I love the definition al-Khem-ic-All.

(★): the final program will be shared as soon as determined.

(✫) for the optional extension 11-Feb-2017 until 15-Feb-2017 to Lower Egypt - Cairo, Giza plateau Pyramids, and Valley of the Whales ‘Wadi al Hitan’ - send an email if you’re interested in this to: This option I will share more about after having received enough responses/interests.

ॐ N A M A S T E’ ॐ

with Joy & 

☆*´¨`☽ ¸.★*´☽ 

 ☆* Ꮭ◯√ℯ´ *´ 

`★.¸¸¸. •°´♡